Thomas Hart Benton Stasey, ca 1859

This website supports the book "Stasey" written by the great-great-grandchildren of Thomas Hart Benton Stasey (1836-1862) of Hannibal, Missouri. The book is available for download as two PDF files; volume 1 is the text and volume 2  contains the appendices. It is also available on itunes as a free download to an ePub eReader (e.g. iPad). The PDF files are made available through Google Drive which can be quirky. You might get a message that looks like an error message, but if you click the "Download" button, and ignore the other things, you should get the file. You should not need a Google account to download them. If you have a problem with it please let me know. These are big files since they contain numerous pictures, so they can take a few minutes to download.

Other pages on this site contain selected genealogy and family history information, posted from time to time, as it develops.

These gravestones of Thomas Hart Benton Stasey's father, and his sister Milley, were found on the Stasey farm near Hannibal, Missouri in the early 1950s. They had been separated from the graves which are now lost.

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