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The Attic of Gallimaufry includes some additional information about the Stasey family.

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Here is an online diary by Hans Peter Emanuel Hoth from Schleswig, Germany. Hans was on the California road in 1854, at about the same time as THBS. His account of his journey is graphic, detailed and spirited. The translation from German is generally good except for the unaccountabale butcher of the geographcial names. If you want a good feel for what it was like to travel the wilderness in those days, read this. Lots of damp, misery, hunger, thirst, mosquitoes, snakes, Indians and wild things. Also quite a lot about other travelers, both living and deceased.
Diary of H. Hoth From Schleswig.

Here is an example of the many traveler guides published during the gold rush. Such a document might have been available to THBS or members of his party.

This is a handwritten journal from 1852, recounting a trip from St. Joseph, MO, to Sacremento California. It consists of Dexter P. Hosley's journal (in pencil), with a partial typed transcription, two obituary newspaper clippings, and a trade card of the S.S. COLIMA.

This link is to a letter from D. Hoyt of Marion County, MO, to his friend Mr. Sosey, from DEl Passo California in 1850. He descirbes his passage across the plains. This link is to the Marion County, MO web site collection of letters from the gold rush.

This link is to a book written in the early 1900s by J. Lee Humfreville, a retired Captain in the US Cavalry.

Here is an after-the-fact memoir of a trip to California in 1854.

The Reminiscences of Colonel George Hunter, who crossed the plains in 1852 with his family, and had many adventures.

This link is to a journal of an overland trip in 1850-1851.

Here is a report on a military expedition from Fort Leavenworth to Salt Lake City in the summer of 1854.

An account of an overland trip to the gold fields in 1852..