The teacher hired at the beginning of the year for Bohannon, was Miss Jean M. Maupin. She had taught at Brammer and Prairie Dale schools prior to that, and a student from a previous tenure suggests she lacked attention to her classes (sleeping on the job, etcetera). At the Bohannon School, Miss Maupin was the subject of gossip by the older students who suggested she was frequently impaired. She left at midterm and Charles Griggs, son of Charlie Griggs of the Anabel store, took over. He was planning to join the paratroopers, as I recall, but took this job in the interim. He was an excellent teacher of small children, which Miss Maupin was not. But to a first grader, her time at Bohannon was exciting. She drove an old, square looking car from the thirties. Her boy friend(s) sometimes came by. One drove a late-model Mercury, which seemed the epitome of class. We seemed always heading off someplace on a field trip in her old car. We played softball games against nearby schools. How all the students were transported is not now remembered, but I recall skittling out over those old rutted, dirt roads in that rattletrap car of hers. She showed up one day all banged and bruised, from a wreck we understood, and always there were the stories of her showing up at school, "Stiff as a board." I never quite knew what the fuss was about. I was a little sad to see her go, but Charles was the beginning of my formal education.