This is likely, though not confirmed, to be the Paul Toops who taught the Bohannon School for the 1953-1954 term. The picture is from the 1953 Yearbook for Central College in Fayette, Missouri. It identifies Paul as being from Novelty, Missouri. That would have put him between his freshman and sophomore year in college when he was hired to teach at Bohannon. Not much else has been learned about him.

A newspaper article briefly mentions Paul, along with some context for the times: "Mr. and Mrs. Sam Burns have a television set. Paul Toops, the Bohannon teacher appeared on a television show last Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Emery Graves, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Despain, Rayel Long and Mrs. Ira Arnold were guests for the day Sunday, a week ago,' of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Despain." The people mentioned were mostly neighbors, living within a few miles of Bohannon School.

Paul may have gone on to a military career, and may have settled in Texas. Or maybe that was a different Paul Toops.