We went on to Macon and took pictures of the site of the old Coney Island Café. The building is radically modified, as it has been for at least twenty years, since we made our first trip back to Macon in 1995, and the cafe itself seems to be gone. I believe it was annexed at the back of the pictured, building, about where the stop sign and dumpster are. Thomas and Mamie Stasey owned and operated the cafe in the


late forties and early fifties. The Macon Chronicle-Herald of April 8, 1949 has the following entry, "Coney Island Cafe under new management. We have just purchased the Coney Island Cafe and will appreciate patronage both old and new. Mr. and Mrs. T.A Stasey." They later operated the "Rainbow Cafe" a few blocks away in Macon, and another cafe in Atlanta, Missouri.

Here is another notice in the paper on June 27, 1952.

We found a poster on a downtown street advertising Ralph Klusman Day, the same Ralph Klusman we’d just met in Ten Mile.  He was celebrating his 65th Anniversary on the following day, May 28, the day of our anniversary as well.

 This is a picture of Bill Dameron entering the Coney Island Cafe in 1954. It is scanned from a book of pictures compiled by a long time photographer and jeweler in Macon.

  We took pictures of the front of the building where the Staseys had an apartment on Rollins Street, went to the courthouse and took pictures of the war memorials before driving around town.In the picture at right, the Stasey's apartment was on the second story of the red brick building, the three left-most windows. The entire second floor had been rebuilt into offices during our visit in 1995. Finally, we drove back to Hannibal, through a blinding rainstorm and finished the day at the Golden Corral.