We drove toward Macon and called Aunt Donna (actually a cousin, but she tolerates us calling her Aunt) and she said to come on over for a visit. A lady named Becky Grady was visiting but excused herself to meet someone else for dinner.  Aunt Donna said Becky had written a book about black soldiers in the Civil War who are buried in Macon.
   She took us out to the cemetery to see their headstones.  We also saw a marker for some Confederate sympathizers who were executed in Macon.  Across the way from the cemetery, on another hill, Donna pointed out the old Blees Academy, a military academy started by Colonel Blees in the nineteenth century and now used by HUD for low-income housing, and by the Macon County Historical Society.  

She mentioned it had been a mental hospital for a time after the Academy closed. Grandpa Stasey, Thomas Anderson Stasey, was employed there in the fifties.

We went back to Hannibal and had dinner.

 The Next Day